Date 5. We matched on Tinder months ago and have traded the occasional WhatsApp and Instagram message, but have never met. We all have those. I decided to unfollow a bunch of people, him included. Awkwardly, he noticed! I got a WhatsApp asking why and I gave him a bit of shit about how I don’t owe him an explanation. We got talking, really talking and then he called. We clicked. Really clicked. Despite him being old enough to actually be my Dad, he is next level FIT! Think George Clooney if he hit the gym all day everyday. Just WOW! I made a joke and called him Daddy. Somehow, this turned us both on. It’s gross so it shouldn’t but it does. We spent a few hours talking, with the conversation getting more explicit and arranged to meet. He told me what to wear. I hate that usually, especially as he dressed me like a stripper, but you don’t say no to Daddy!

So Daddy took me out. Fuck! In person, even more just mind blowing! Although he has dated reality TV stars, he seems to get off on the fact I’m a bit of an arsehole and will give him shit. And I’d just whisper ‘Daddy’ and he’d get an instant erection. Oh the power!

In the lift in the carpark, he pounces. Pushing me against the wall, kicking my legs apart and pinning my arms behind me back, letting out this knee trembling growl. Damn!

Driving me home, his hand wanders to my crotch and he starts touching me through my ridiculously tight stripper jeans. He wont allow me to look away from him as he touches me. Even he can feel how turned on I am. I’m proud of myself for not giving in to temptation and inviting him back to my flat. But if he had ordered it, I’d have to do what Daddy says after all! The way he can easily manhandle me and him totally dominating me, turns me on way too much!

I’m aware this is not a healthy dynamic. I’m thinking with my vagina yet again, but I will be seeing Daddy again. Booked in to go to his. He sent me a picture of a riding crop and how he wanted to use it on me. I’m a little scared, but sexual desire is overruling this. As a friend ordered me “Girl, you go get that dick!” And he has a LOT of dick!

He’s not going to be ‘the one’ but he’s going to be that sexuality defining ‘one’ The one where you’ll think about it years later, glad you let go of your inhibitions and dated your very own Mr Grey.


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